The Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program at Purdue University Northwest

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Thank you for your interest in the TRIO McNair Scholars Program. Please complete this application as thoroughly as possible. Once the application is started, any information entered will NOT be saved. You cannot save and restart this application.

Before You Start:

You will be asked to provide a PDF file of the following:

  • A statement of purpose (see writing prompts in Section V)
  • Two letters of recommendation from PNW faculty of staff
  • Income verification (signed tax form, Student Aid Report from
  • A professional resume

If you unable to upload the supporting documents at the time of application submission, you may email them to or deliver them to the Student Union & Library Building, Room 343 on the Hammond Campus.  If you have any questions, please contact our office by email or by phone at (219) 989-2779.


Part I: Applicant Information


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Phone Number Opt-In -  The McNair program uses SMS messages to send updates of your application progress and notifications of program events and mandatory meetings.

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Student Address:

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Citizenship and Demographics:

Please fill out the following:

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Academic Standing and Planning:

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Part II: Family Information

Has your mother or female guardian earned a bachelor’s degree? *
Has your father or male guardian earned a bachelor’s degree? *

Part III: Income Verification

Complete  only  the  section  that  applies  to your  financial  aid status  and please  provide  documentation to verify  income.

Dependent Students:

You are  considered  a  dependent  student  if . you  live  with your  parents  and they provide  you  with more  than half  of your  support.

How many people are in your parents’ household, including yourself?
Did your parents file a federal income tax return for last year? *
If yes, what was their taxable income for last year?
If no, write “$0”

Independent  Students:

For  you to be  considered an  independent  student, you  must  meet  one  of  the  following  criteria:

• You must  be  at  least  24  years old  as  of  January  1,  of  the academic year.

• You are married.

• You are  a graduate or  professional  student.

• You have  a  legal  dependent  other  than a  spouse.

• You are  a veteran  of  the US  Armed  Forces

• You are  an orphan  or  ward  of  the  state  (or  were  a  ward  of the  state  until age  18).

How many people are in your household, including yourself, spouse and/or other dependents? *
Did you file a federal income tax return last year? *
If yes, what was your taxable income last year? *
If no, write “$0” *

Other Income Sources:

Do you or your family receive assistance from any of the following sources: 

Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF)? *
Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)? *
Social Security? *
Veteran’s Benefits? *
Unemployment Compensation? *
Other (Please List)
Submit Tax Forms *

Part IV: Participant Information Release Form

I authorize  the  Ronald E. McNair  Post Baccalaureate Achievement  Program  (MAP)  to  gather  information  concerning  my  academic  progress  (standardized  testing  scores, grade  point  average,  earned  credits,  transcripts)  and  financial  information  prior  to  my  participation  and throughout  my  involvement  in  MAP. I  understand  that  this  information  is  used  to  assist  in  the  determination of  my  eligibility,  participation,  and  financial  aid  status  will  be  reported  to  the  U.S. Department  of  Education  in accordance  with the grant funding regulations. I  certify  that  the  information provided on  this  application is  true  and  complete  to  the  best  of  my  knowledge. I  also agree  to provide  documentation upon  request  to verify  the  information reported. I  am  aware  that the  personal information  that is provided  to  the  Ronald  E.  McNair  Post Baccalaureate  Achievement  Program  will  be  protected  under  the  Family Education  Rights  Privacy  Act  of  1974. No  one  will  have access  to  the information  unless  they  work  with  or  for  MAP,  or are specifically  authorized  by  me to  see  the  information. Upon  formal  acceptance into  the program,  I  grant  permission  for  program  representative to  have access to  my  academic and  financial  official  records  in  order  for  MAP  staff  to  assist  me. Additionally,  in  the  course  of  my  involvement  in the  MAP  program,  MAP  staff  may  consult  with  various  Purdue  University  Northwest  offices  and  programs  to  secure and share  the necessary information pertinent to my participation in the program and overall collegiate success. 

Applicant E-signature *
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I agree to the terms included.

Part V: Professional Documents

In this section upload a PDF file of your resume and statement of purpose.

Statement of Purpose:

Attach a brief (300-500 words) typed statement that addresses the following questions: 

  • What qualities do you possess that make you a good candidate for the McNair Program and for a graduate program? 
  • What activities have you participated in during your  undergraduate studies that reflect or support your post-graduation plans? 
  • What are your career goals and reasons for your expected major  field of  graduate study?   
Submit Statement of Purpose: *


Please attach your most current resume. 

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